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Verizon FiOS Promotion CodeAccording to Verizon who are the creators of this Technology the word FiOS is a Gaelic word that means Knowledge. Verizon which was formed in 2000 launched the FiOS service in 2005 and was first offered to the customers of Keller Texas. The objective was to replace the existing copper wire network with an optical fiber network that could host greater speeds and reliability.

FiOS is actually a bundled service which includes Internet access, telephone and television. Verizon was one of the first carriers in the USA to offer this fiber to the home solutions By July 2010 the service had approximately 3.8 million internet subscribers and 3.2 million TV. Today Verizon claims that through its network it can reach 18 Million customers in 16 states.

The FiOS utilizes Passive Optical network technology to deliver services over the fiber to the home network. Using the infrared spectrum this technology has the capability of sending high volumes of data over the network quickly; in addition it effectively handles Voice and Video.

In order to understand the layout of the network we should start from the FiOS base office which first extends a single mode optical fiber from an optical line terminal. This single mode optical fiber cable goes out to optical splitters that can then extend signals to 32 different Fiber optic connections which mean 32 customers. At the customer premises the Optical Network Terminal (ONT) transfers the data into the home wiring providing phone, video and data services. New FiOS networks utilize Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) which is a newer form of ONT that can more effectively handle data and multimedia services.

The entire system is divided into three wavelength bands with one of the bands dedicated for carrying television channels and the rest of the two are responsible for managing the rest of the data with one managing the inbound data and the other managing the outbound. FiOS technology works with the cable card technology as well which enables the TV subscribers on this service to receive premium cable channels that are encrypted. Set top boxes receive essential information like IR code and channel subscription information through an Out of band (OOB) channel

The major up sell of this system is speed which according to some claims can reach up to 30 megabits per second which is a massive leap in technology when compared to the Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) technology which can only handle a miniscule 1.5 megabits per second.

Speed has a direct effect on the overall service spectrum with service provider like Verizon now being able to push content and other forms of data quicker resulting in digital services that have higher quality of service reaching out to the customers. This increases customer satisfaction and Average Revenue per User steadily rises (ARPU) ensuring profitability for service providers.

Verizon consistently bundles and re-bundles the FiOS offering and adds new product types and add-ons to it product line to make the service more attractive and enticing. Verizon FiOS Promotion Code FREE DVR  triple play is one such example where TV, Internet, telephone services have been packaged together in a bundle. These services if acquired separately by users would cost hem considerably higher but Verizon bundles them together and discounts them for customers. Additionally value add-on’s like Video on demand are also available through subscription on the FiOS service.

Another huge value add-on by the Verizon is the Flex View service which enables customers to access their favorite programs or contents on multiple platform. This cross-platform integration allows customers to have access to their favorite content either at home or on the go making it a huge plus point for them. Similarly the FiOS Quantum service provides users with a dedicated service of 500 Mbits per second and 100 Mbits per second of upload speed which is currently hard to find on other technology platforms.

Although the Verizon FiOS is a great service and has received a lot of commendation from its customers yet there are certain drawbacks of this service. The biggest one is the lack of service in power outages. FiOS Promotion code goes out of service if there is a power outage and that means that customers do not only loose internet and television but also the phone services which is a huge concern in emergency situations.

From an investors point of view setting up a FiOS network is a significant cost that has a late Return on Investment and due to this very reason the Verizon shares dropped by 4.6% in 2005 when this service was launched but there is no doubt that this is the future of home communication and entertainment technology.

The FiOS bundle package currently costs $89 per month and provides basic Telephony, Internet and TV services. As told earlier the FiOS services costs lesser in bundles but individually is significantly expensive, for example internet plans start from $49 a month and go up to $ 500 a month’s depending upon speed. Similarly TV plans start from start from $ 49 and go up to $ 89 and it becomes evident that if you take individual services you lose money.


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  1. Dan Webb

    I jsut recently signed up for verizon cable, internet and phone and did not receive any information on the Verizon FiOS Promotion Code for a FREE DVR. I would like to receive information on this promotion and would certainly like to be considered for this promotion since I have also signed up for the half price package for the movie channels at 24.95. I live in North Port Florida and would like to hear back from you in regards to this issue.
    Dan Webb

    • master

      Hey Dan,

      Thanks for your comment, well sometimes Verizon FiOS does change there promotions without giving much info to us.. We are really sorry if that have cause a misunderstanding.

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